What’s the story on MAPS?

At the present time, MAPS is still alive and active. This is a continuing story, but here are some facts:

February 14, 2002 Georgia Daiker requested an indefinite postponement of the MAPS Charter review meeting scheduled for February 21, 2001.
January 10, 2002 the MRSD Board of Education decided to hold a meeting February 21, 2002 to consider the Revised MAPS Charter proposal.
November 8, 2001 Received letter bordering upon censure from my associates on the MRSD Board of Education, and asking that I "cease all contact with, and public statements with regard to the MAPS Governance Committee and Ms. Chris Nuffer".  It is my belief that the allegations in this letter are entirely speculative, largely untrue, and retaliatory subsequent to my letter to the editor last month inasmuch as no other Board members were in attendance at the MAPS Governance Committee meetings that I attended.
October 15, 2001 Compelled to write letter to editor concerning inability to persuade the Board to either take a vote to deny MAPS Charter request or commence dialogue to resolve obstacles preventing the re-opening of Special Education facility in Molalla.  Editor letter content follows:
I am writing this because I believe my associates on the Molalla River School District Board of Education have left me with no other recourse. The treatment of MAPS Governing Board representatives and a number of other concerned members of the community including myself grossly offend me! I have tried other measures, on numerous occasions, to initiate a dialogue on issues of concern to the community (as evidenced by their appearance at Board Meetings and Work sessions) and met with little or no success!
If my associates, on the Molalla River Board of Education, are going to boycott and/or obstruct ANY efforts to bring about positive change for the students, staff, and community we represent I believe a public explanation of why is in order!
My associates have twice publicly accused me of an “illegal” act in attending MAPS Governing Board meetings. I must now request a public explanation of why this is an “illegal” act. The Chairman of the Board closed the meeting, October 11, 2001, while I was asking about these “illegal” acts, in the context of inquiries concerning the MAPS facility use. If the Molalla River School District Administration and Board of Education has acted legally and properly in the management of their duties I earnestly believe that public disclosure will only vindicate those actions. Public avoidance of dialogue implies there is something to hide, and I don’t believe we have anything to hide!
August 13, 2001 the MRSD Board of Education held a hearing to review concerns of the community, and the MAPS Governing Committee, regarding the MAPS Charter Proposal.  The prevalent belief was optimistic in sight of the 'progress' which this meeting represented.
The Molalla River School District Board of Education has scheduled a Special Meeting (action may be taken), Monday, August 13, 2001 (6:30-??pm at MRSD Administrative Offices), to hear District Administrative Staff opinion concerning the revised MAPS Charter.  This opinion may, or may not, be based upon relevant charter law knowledge.
The Molalla River School District has scheduled a charter school "training session" for Monday (5:00- 9:00pm at MRSD Administrative Offices), July 30, 2001.
The Molalla River School District Board of Education has scheduled a Worksession (no action is expected to be taken), Tuesday, August 7, 2001 (6:30-??pm at MRSD Administrative Offices), to hear the concerns of the MAPS Governing Committee and any expert testimony they may present concerning the revised MAPS Charter.
MAPS is not closed!
The minutes of the May 10, 2001 Board of Education Meeting state that "...not renewing the charter does not mean that we close the school".
Although there is some question in regard to whether the MAPS Charter was ever legal, the minutes of the May 10, 2001 Board of Education Meeting state one Board members belief that "...when the Board approved the charter in 1999 it was current with the law.
The motion which passed the Board (5-2) was "...that the Board of Education not renew the charter in it's present form with the Molalla Alternative Options School."
In accordance with MAPS Governing Board direction Chris Nuffer is still the acting director of the MAPS facility.
District funding for the MAPS facility was withdrawn from Budget Committee deliberations before the Molalla River School Board had voted to not renew the Charter in it’s present form.
The MAPS Governing Board, at the June 14, 2001 MRSD School Board Meeting, requested information concerning the disposition of District funds related to former budget allocations for MAPS but the Administration was unwilling or unable to respond at that time.
The MAPS Governing Board submitted their budget inquiries, in writing, to the the Molalla School District in a letter dated July 3, 2001.
The Molalla River School District was unable to respond to the MAPS Governing Committee budget inquiries at the regular Board of Education meeting July 12, 2001.
The MAPS Governing Committee submitted their revised charter, budget, and handbook to Molalla River School District Board of Education at the regular Board of Education meeting July 12, 2001.
The MRSD Administration agreed that they would try to respond to the revised MAPS Charter by July 31, 2001.
The Governing Board has requested that the Board inform them of the specific parts of the Charter which concern them.
The District has approved a letter to the MAPS Governing Board (MRSD School Board Meeting June 14, 2001) requesting Charter conformity with the following areas of concern:
Statement of Purpose
The MAPS Governing Board has pointed out that some of these concerns have already been addressed in parts of the Charter not previously provided to the MRSD School Board Members.
The Governing Board, of MAPS, is currently meeting on a weekly basis to modify their Charter to comply with the concerns of the Board.
The Governing Board has appealed to the MRSD Board of Education, to assist them in their efforts, at the Board of Education meeting June 14, 2001.
Some outgoing members of the Molalla River School Board have demonstrated a reluctance to listen to the appeals of the MAPS Governing Board which border on open hostility.
The Governing Board, of MAPS, is seriously offended by the fact that their Charter was repealed without giving them the opportunity to address the concerns of the District Administration.
A significant number of community members have expressed serious objections to receiving no notification of the pending deliberations on the MAPS Charter repeal until two days before the Board Meeting May 10, 2001.
A large number of students attending MAPS are concerned with how their educational needs will be met, how they will receive credit for classes the facility administrator can no longer certify, and where the out-of-district students will go.

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