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It's a good time to pray for terrorist victims!
Something I would like to share:  "A Smile" We Needham
 The 'Support' page now has a link to a much more comprehensive on-line support service.  See what you think of it.
Here's some things I thought worth mentioning.... The Global Community  

A friend has passed... This is where Nikki's Wedding Pictures will be..
Here's Nikki and her Training associates taking a break
in their grueling training agenda.
Trainers at rest.jpg (73609 bytes)
Nikki at work.jpg (35130 bytes)  A picture of Nikki Firefighting. - 1/30/01

How's that for service?  Already have your picture scanned and on the web.  See if that will work for you, okay?  I REALLY like this picture!

Lisa and Laura.jpg (56535 bytes)

  • Recently received Grandson Tony's new school picture Tony-2000_3rd.jpg (138549 bytes) he's turning into a pretty handsome fella now that he's the B I G - 7!

    Now that I have Alex's 1st grade (2000-2001) school picture I can update his old picture.  So here he is!   The guy you've all been waiting to see!  Mr. Cool Alex   6 years old, 1st grade.

  • September 15, 2002 we had another Cousins' Club meeting, at Lisa and Ian's home in Portland.  I added the Cousins' Club website, in 2000, for those who don't have access to our meetings.

  • Notice the two new links, on the right side panel, for the FBI and the US Marshal's Most Wanted?  Just thought it was my civic duty.  There's much more information about  the DOJ (Department of Justice) here.

  • I don't know if you ever heard about "Tommy & Joe", but they now have's "The Girl in the Red Flannel Shirt".  For those of you who have read the 1st "Flannel Shirt" offering...there's more.

  • Maybe you could let me know what you think?

Welcome to MY CONNECTION...I've attempted to put together an accumulation of hyperlinks and other miscellaneous items that are a reflection of who and what I am.  Things that I take pride in, things I find interesting, professional material and items of spiritual, or philosophical interest.

What's new?  A new host domain...GENEONET.  This is a combination of the prefix "gen", to create or begin; "neo", meaning new; and "net", for network...thus GENEONET - the beginning of a new network concept.

 New link to genealogy search, on "Research" page.  "Stupendo" has a link on "Fun Stuff" page.  Flash!  With all the Internet and e-mail hoaxes being perpetrated recently, I've added this "Hoaxes" URL to provide a link to a location that can dispel many of the current "myths".

My greatest source of pride is my family!  You can visit my family, and learn more about us, by picking the photo of my two Grandsons and I (above).  I also have four beautiful and successful daughters, as well as the two very handsome and bright Grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters  I was born in White Salmon, Washington, December 4,1946.  My mother is Virginia Ruth Miller, and my father was James Groves Needham, Sr.  I guess I'll have to admit to being a "Junior" since my father was a "Senior"!

There are people in my life that I've known, and loved, for many years.  There's people whom I've known, and loved, for many years that are no longer in my life.  I've created this page for my significant others...then and now.

Just got through scanning the pictures my Dad carried around with him, in his wallet.  I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, and now here I am doing it when I should be in bed, sleeping, of course!

Hey!  E-mail me!

The hyperlinks, above, are rather "peculiar" but I thought they were captivatingly cool.  The Mopyfish link will take you to the web-site where you can download an AI (Artificial Intelligence) screensaver that enables the fish to assume very lifelike qualities!  The spiders?  Well, they're interesting, but you have to pay for them...the fish is free (a very good price)!

In July, 1999, I was sworn in to the Board of Education, Position 4, of the Molalla River School District.  I find this one of my most rewarding pursuits.  There is nothing so important to me as doing all that I can to ensure that no child, under my jurisdiction, will grow up with low self-esteem.  I intend to do everything in my power to assure every student, in the Molalla River School District, an opportunity to have a joyful youth and productive adulthood!

I also am engaged in a part-time consultation business, Vector Graphics, that grew from my background in teaching and computer support.  Part of the services I provide is "The PC Doctor".  This is a support service that enables subscribers to save money on PC repairs and support by providing discounted PC Servicing, and teaching subscribers how to resolve computer technical issues rather than doing it for them!

I've compiled some hyperlinks that rate high on my list of most frequently visited links.  There are also some links to friends' and associates' web-sites.  Feel free to visit.  Maybe there's someone there that you know!


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