What IS Systemic Change?

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Since the Board of Education will no longer be providing video-taping for cablecast (effective July, 2002), suspended delivery of the "Molalla River Reporter" and stopped communication with the "Educational Ambassadors" (September, 2002) I have tried to provide information regarding education concerns for interested persons:








Section 1: Academics


Goal 1 - Increase options for students.

1.               Organize three roundtable discussions at the middle and high schools with students who represent all groups in the school culture.

2.               Gather data on how involved or powerful secondary students feel in directing their education.

3.               Hold one work session on the idea of Magnet Schools


Goal 2- Assure the curriculum is challenging and relevant, focused on increased understanding, tailored to individual needs, and supportive of good study habits.

1.               No Board Actions


Goal 3 - Develop responsible and ethical behavior in students.

1.               Model good ethical behaviors for students.

2.               Create a policy for, and certify membership of; a student member of the MRSD Board.


Goal 4- Supply support services that help students make positive choices and become effective communicators.

1.               No Board Actions


Goal 5- Make instructional changes that encourage students to be active partners in developing educational plans and take ownership of learning

1.               No Board Actions


Goal 6- Hold our District accountable for individual improvement through a continuous progress model.

1.                No Board Actions

Section 2:  Systemic Analysis


Goal 1 - Analyze our educational system such that barriers to innovative changes are identified

1.               Devote two work sessions to learning about systemic analysis in order to: understand the issues, and to hear from others about systemic barriers.

Goal 2 - Use best systemic organizational practices such that we can increase alternatives and choices for students

1.               Create a list of potential systemic changes for the 2002-2003 school year.