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Since the Board of Education will no longer be providing video-taping for cablecast (effective July, 2002), suspended delivery of the "Molalla River Reporter" and stopped communication with the "Educational Ambassadors" (September, 2002) I have tried to provide information regarding education concerns for interested persons:


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Take Action on the Economy Bush Hopes Talk Will Fix the Economy
President Bush announced that he has done enough for the economy, despite the rising number of Americans who continue to lose their jobs every month. Bush said that he was confident that his tax breaks for the wealthiest sliver of Americans would create jobs, despite their failure to do so in the two and half years he has been in office.

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Learn more about President Bush's failure to get the economy moving again

Take Action on the Economy Bush Budget Disaster Deepens
The record-breaking Bush federal deficit for 2003 will be 50 percent more than previously thought, leaving the American people holding the check for a stunning deficit of $455 billion. With unemployment still rising and the federal deficit growing, Bush's economic policies have been a clear failure. State and local governments have been forced to raise taxes while cutting vital services, ensuring that the burden of Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy falls on the backs of average working families.

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Learn more about how Bush's economic policies have created massive new deficits

Take Action on International Affairs Republicans in Congress Refuse to Investigate Iraqi WMD Questions
Congressional Republicans refused to open an investigation into the intelligence used by President Bush to claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The GOP refusal to investigate comes despite persistent questions about the veracity of the Bush administration's evidence and the president's statements on the threat Iraq presented to the United States leading up to the recent war.

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Learn more about how Democrats are calling for full investigation

Take Action on the Supreme Court Democrats to Bush: Work With Us on Supreme Court Nominations
President Bush will divide America if he nominates an extremist judge to the Supreme Court. Send a message to Bush urging him to work with Democrats to choose a nominee that will protect our most cherished American values.

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Learn more about the battle for the Supreme Court

Take Action on the GOP Record GOP Votes to Keep Cuts to Military Housing
Republicans showed their true colors when they rejected a Democratic proposal to restore $1 billion to military housing, critical funds cut by President Bush. In order to restore the GOP cuts to military housing, Democrats proposed a 5 percent cut to the average tax credit Republicans awarded to millionaires.

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Learn more about how Republicans chose millionaires over the military

Take Action on the Environment White House Suppresses EPA Report on Global Warming
The Bush administration quashed a major global warming report from the EPA that warned of the dangers industrial and automotive pollution present to the environment. The White House heavily edited the final report, deleting references to scientific studies that showed a link between smokestack and tailpipe pollution and global warming.

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Learn more about how President Bush is suppressing a major EPA report on global warming

Take Action to Save AmeriCorps Another Broken Promise: President Bush Guts AmeriCorps
President Bush broke his promise to encourage volunteerism when he forced the AmeriCorps program to cut 80 percent of its largest category of volunteers. In both his 2002 and 2003 State of the Union addresses to the nation, Bush spoke of the need to increase resources for volunteers. Instead, Bush has made enormous and irresponsible tax cuts his top fiscal priority.

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Learn more about how President Bush gutted AmeriCorps

Take Action on Medicare Democrats Fight to Preserve Medicare from GOP Attacks
With President Bush and the Republicans trying to dismantle Medicare through privatization, Democrats are fighting again to protect America's seniors. Democrats are working to pass a real Medicare prescription drug benefit, while the GOP plan pushes seniors into HMOs and leaves gaps in coverage that amount to a "sickness penalty."

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Learn more about how Democrats are fighting for Medicare

Take Action on Choice GOP Endangers Lives With New Anti-Choice Measure
Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a bill that would endanger the lives of women by banning medically necessary abortions. President Bush has promised to sign the bill, which will put doctors in jail for saving women's lives.

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Learn more about the Republican attack on women's health

Take Action on the Economy Bush Tax Boondoggle Leaves Children Behind
Millions of working families will see no benefit from the Bush tax scheme. A last-minute Republican provision cut them out of an increase in the child tax credit to make sure the wealthiest Americans received the biggest tax cut possible. Democrats passed an amendment in the Senate that ensured that all families with children would receive the credit increase, only to be blocked by the Republicans who passed the bill.

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Learn more about how the Bush tax boondoggle leaves millions of children behind

Take Action on the Environment EPA Chief Whitman Resigns After More Than Two Years of Bush Environmental Destruction
EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman resigned her Cabinet post after the Bush administration spent more than two years building a record of gutting environmental protections and putting families at risk. Whitman pursued some moderate environmental policies, only to be overturned by conservative ideologues in the White House.

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Learn more about the Bush record of environmental destruction

Take Action on the Economy Senate Democrats Introduce Comprehensive Economic Stimulus Plan
Democratic leaders in the Senate offered an effective, responsible plan to get the sluggish Bush economy moving again. Unlike the irresponsible Bush tax giveaway, the Democratic proposal would provide real stimulus to America's economy, create jobs, and avoid enormous debts for the next generation.

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Learn more about the comprehensive, effective Democratic stimulus plan